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Menampilkan postingan dari Mei, 2013

God is good all the time:)

long time no write this blog:)
Just a night reflection, we fail, we try hard something but fail and fail again.. what I learn from all of these  problems is keep believeng, never give up and have faith. Failure is not a big problem, it makes us stronger and stronger.Someday if the time is right, God will give all we need not what we want. :)
“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  ― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

Thanks God. Obrigado Deus. Terima kasih Tuhannn :)
Internship in Komisi Yudisial for next June

Magis and World Youth Day in Brazil for next July
First winner of National Moot Court Competition Pelanggaran HAM Berat Padjajaran University 2013 Praise the Lord.. Love them so much UI4MCCUNPAD Majelis Hakim, Penasehat Hukum, Penuntut Umum dan Panitera Terbaik

Keep fighting for final test, thesis (next semester I hope o:) amen), future and another dreams. Keep praying and spread the happiness to all of people :D


'Those who appear in your life whether to help or to harm,are all sent by God. Meet all of them with a peaceful heart but with a warrior's spirit. You will fail many times but in failing you'll learn and in learning you'll find your way. Remember there are no mistakes in life but only lessons. And lessons will keep on repeating themselves until learned!' (Paulo Coelho - 'Warrior of Light')