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Veja voce, Agosto 25 welcome again August 25th in 2013. In this day, i was officially 21. 21 in Indonesia, it’s a legal age so that you can do legal action by yourself, no need permission from our parents again. That day was beautiful! very beautiful like another days
"The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance." Brian Tracy

Sanurian Friends that I met: Celine, Irene,  Eka, Vania, Jea, Fina, Bekha, dan yang lain sayangnya belum sempat bertemu di liburan kali ini..Kami berkumpul dan banyak bernostalgia. bener-bener rindu masa SMA :D Time flies so, it is our last year in university.. can't wait to face another challenges :D
"Friendship is a blessing in any life. For believers it is also one of the ways God communicates God's own friendship. But for friendship to flourish, neither the friendship nor the friend can be seen as an object to be possessed. One of the best gifts to give a fri…


Saudade Brasil :D Taken at Salvador Bahia, Sao Paulo, Peruibe, Intanhaem, Mongagua, Santos, Rio de Janeiro etc..  Muito Obrigada Senhor.. I always believe that Your plans will be beautiful in Your time:D
“A new experience can be extremely pleasurable, or extremely irritating, or somewhere in between, and you never know until you try it out.”― Lemony SnicketThe Blank Book One afternoon in Museu Paulista, Ipiranga, Sao Paulo, Brazil Brazilian-Indonesian-Chilean-French

                                             Cristo Redento, Corcovado-Christ the Redeemer

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