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Morning inspirations -Paulo Coelho quotes

Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant. Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering You are not defeated when you lose. You are defeated when you quit We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery

Live fully, love deeply, let go with no bitterness. 
When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart One is loved because one is loved. Don't ask a stupid "why me?" You've got to find ur treasure so that everything u have learned along the way can make sense. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure

we pray with our feet and experiences with all sense that our entire life is one long journey to God..
never give up... working hard... catching our dreams.. nothing is impossible…

a very beautiful song to remind that God is always with us

The God of silence beckons me
To journey to my heart
Where He awaits
O Lord, I hear You calling tenderly
To You I come to gaze
At the beauty of Your face I cannot see

To rest in Your embrace I cannot feel
To dwell in Your love hurting but sweet
To be with You; to glimpse eternity

God of night, fount of all my delight.
Show Your light . . . that my heart, like Yours, burn bright.

Be still the torment of the night
Will not encumber you, if you believe
My child this darkness isn't emptiness
For here I mold your heart
Unto My image painfully you long to see

The self you yearn to be, but fear to know
The world from which you flee in Me find home
All these I give you, if you remain in Me

I am ever here
My child, you need not fear
The dark will set you free
And bring your heart to Me

I am ever here
My child, you need not fear
The dark will set you free
And bring your heart to Me

The God of silence beckons me
To journey to my heart
Where He awaits me.…

teaser Magis last week

Yang kutahu doa itu tak sekedar mata tertutup dan mengucap panjang lebar.
Yang kutahu juga pujian bagi Tuhan tak sekedar suara nyaring yang hingar bingar.

Di komunitas magis kutemukan Tuhan ada di segala bagian hidup ini
kompilasi dari aspek rohani jasmani
Dia ada dan tiada pernah kita ditinggalkannya

Lewat alunan musik pun kutemukan Tuhan
dari senandung nada-nada yang harmonis kutahu Dia menemaniku

Ketika nada mayor merepresentasikan kebahagiaan, dan nada minor merepresentasikan kesedihan, ingatlah tanpa nada minor takkan terbentuk sebuah melodi yang indah. Seperti itulah kehidupan.

Tuhan ada dalam setiap lagu yang kumainkan dan kuyakin juga dalam tiap langkah hidup yang kujalani

Esi Maria Anindita Nareswari, peserta formasi maGis Jakarta tahun 2011)

Terima kasih Tuhan dan terima kasih Magis

Dimanakah aku bisa menemukan Tuhan?
Mari belajar bersama. It's time for maGis!

Pendaftaran untuk formasi Komunitas maGis Jakarta angkatan 2013 telah dibuka!
Daftarkan dirimu di…
teman saya Jerry (@karaprianto) yang selalu menginspirasi saya, dia sekelompok dalam matakuliah Wanita dan Hukum, tugas-tugas yang cukup ribet jadi ringan, sampai tugas akhir UAS dan akhirnya mendapat nilai yang bagus. baca puisi karangannya, karya kreatif, nonton sidang di Pengadilan Agama Jakarta Selatan. disambut ramah oleh orang-orang di Pengadilan takkan terlupa. Mba Inge, Bang Farid yang selalu menarik dalam mengajar. senangnya belajar dalam praktek karena tidak sekadar teori belaka:)*cerita sedikit ttg wahum* dia orang yang penuh talenta, jago design, jago bikin puisi, punya nilai sosial yang tinggi.

To love the people, to become one with the global commune of fellow human beings Love is a revolutionary feeling that brings people together. True beauty radiates from heart, sharing the warmth of love to others If Pancasila seen as the foundation of this country. We are doomed. Poor foundation. If not, we are also doomed. No foundation.Pancasila should only go for the protection of fr…


5th semester, tasks, final test, finally everything is done... thanks so much Tuhan atas segala yang indah dan segala perjuangan yang telah kami lewati..Last post: sebelum UTS itu udah lama banget. haha banyak inspirasi dan pelajaran hidup yang saya pelajari lagi dari Tuhan dan manusia sekitar ini.. Ah, bahagia itu sederhana. Menemukan makna yang kadang sulit kita temui dalam rutinitas.. Segala yang telah terjadi itu indah dan bukanlah kebetulan. Tuhan sudah merajut semua kisah indah untuk kita masing-masing tentunya..
Merry Christmas anyway, this Christmas is so wonderful like everyday, I think everyday is wonderful too.. :) tapi pastinya suasana Natal itu membuat hati merasaa..ah sulit diungkapkan. intinya salah satu hari spesial dalam satu tahun itu ya hari Natal.

Christmas is definitely MORE than gift. It's about us being present for each other, it's about the love to be shared.

terima kasih Tuhan untuk semuanyaa
sharing dari seorang pengajar:
Pemimpin, Korupsi, dan Tanggung Jawab

Adjie Suradji

Salah satu yang membedakan pemimpin dan yang bukan pemimpin adalah tanggung jawab.

Tanggung jawab jadi domain kekuasaan sekaligus legitimasi kepemimpinan seorang pemimpin. Kredibilitas seorang pemimpin tervisualisasikan dari derajat tanggung jawabnya. Pemimpin yang tak bertanggung jawab bisa dikategorikan sebagai pemimpin tidak kompeten (Carole Nicolaides, Progressive Leadership).

Pertanyaannya kemudian, ketika korupsi di lingkar oligarki kekuasaan dalam birokrasi pemerintahan makin brutal, siapa yang seharusnya bertanggung jawab?

Diakui atau tidak, Indonesia tengah berada dalam penguasaan trihibrid—tiga saudara kandung yang beda sifat (kekuasaan, hukum, dan korupsi)—yang telah menyatu secara tak terpisahkan. Namun, yang perlu dicermati bukan sekadar negara ini dalam penguasaan trihibrid semata. Lebih dari itu, menjadi negara macam apa Indonesia pada 10 atau 20 tahun mendatang jika sejak sekarang negara ini s…
Rio..Salvador..Sao Paulo they're fulfilling my mind this morning
hehehe I don't expect too much, just pray, do the best, and I believe God's plan will be beautiful in His time.. keep praying o:)

Anyway, this is the article that i read this morning :

Unlike many exotic sunshine destinations around the world, Brazil is a country that you can visit any time of the year and has never been particularly expensive. Indeed, with the Internet offering discount flights to Brazil the only limiting factors you may have when deciding when to go to Brazil are the reasons you wish to visit Brazil (its mega-metropolis, delightful beaches, or amazing Amazon rainforest) and deciding whether or not you wish to travel the country extensively. To help you decide when to go to Brazil we set out some of the main events in a Brazilian year. In the event that you would like to travel around Brazil, it is generally suggested that visitors do not travel during the months of December to February as t…

official prayer for WYD 2013 O:)

Source: Oh, Father, You sent Your Eternal Son to save the world and chose men and women, through Him, with Him and in Him, to proclaim the Good News to all nations. Grant us the graces necessary so that joy may shine in the faces of all young people, the joy of being, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the evangelists the Church needs in the Third Millennium.

Oh Christ, Redeemer of humanity, the image of Your open arms on the top of Corcovado welcomes all people. In Your paschal offering, You brought us by the Holy Spirit to an encounter of sonship with the Father. Young people, who are fed by Eucharist, hear You in Your Word and meet You as their brother, need your infinite mercy to run the paths of the world missionary-disciples of the New Evangelization.

Oh Holy Spirit, Love of the Father and the Son, with the splendor of Your Truth and the fire of Your Love, send Your Light to all young people so that, driven by their experience of Wo…
August is one of my favorite months in a year. so much God's blessings happened in this month.. but I believe  His grace and love always flows every seconds, every hour, every day, month and year, i called it "unlimited" hihi. everytime, everywhere, we feel it in our daily life. Like Paulo Coelho said,  "Every blessing ignored becomes a curse"

so listen with heart and do it for the greater glory of God.:D O:)
In this august: Done with my internship in Tax Court (but still I have to study harder, I don't want to forget many lessons from people there..their kindness, their struggle, their patience.. i learn a lot from them;) new experience also friday mass in Ministry of Finance:) Nostalgia with Highschool mates.. miss Sanurian :D Winter Journey in Aussie (8 days with my sista, we had winter triip in Syd :3 met new kind people, tante Fenty, tante Lanny, ka Mitchell etc. Father Ardi is sooo... i don't know how to write it;) He's so kind.. he makes us going …

Sunday Inspirations

One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others. -Levi Strauss
Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more. -Mother Teresa
The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. -Oprah

Per Natura Ad Caritate

Last 4 and 5 August, I met again with one of beautiful God's creature :D We're from KMK UI went to Mandalawangi Cibodas in Misa Alam event. A lot of beautiful moments happened, made me forget about the crowd situation of Jakarta like polution, cars, motorcycles, traffic jam. I found time to have silentium there.. to reflect, remember how great Thou art.. one of best moment for me is tracking, hiking to Curug Cibeureum Waterfall, seeing the wonderful river, camping ground like paradise..

It reminds me with our beautiful experiences, Magis L7 pilgrimage Loyola-Navarrete. Last year, I also climbed mountain in second or third day i forgot :p.. Arantzazu Mountain in Spain. We pray with our feet and experiences with all sense that our entire life is one long journey to God..I miss my Hungarian and Poland friends so much..

Like this year. I did it again but just small part of mountain. Nostalgia is exciting:D
For the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies; For the love which …

End of July

God freely created us so that we might know, love, and serve him in this life and be happy with him forever. God's purpose in creating us is to draw forth from us a response of love and service here on earth, so that we may attain our goal of everlasting happiness with him in heaven. All the things in this world are gifts of God, created for us, to be the means by which we can come to know him better, love him more surely, and serve him more faithfully.-St. Ignatius of Loyola
Happy feast day of Ignatius Loyola Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

Ignatian Day

time flies so fast.. I just feel it runs until today. hehehe. Today is Ignatian Day :D We celebrate Saint Ignatius, reflect what has he done with his life, leaving his comfort zone to find God in His life. I don't come to the celebration in Canisius Chapel today.. but i remember last year I came, mass with Magis friends, and then we had Saman Dance last rehearsal before we went to Spain. We went to Spain on August 5th 2011, and we performed at Festival de las Cultural Loiola, Spain. We got standing ovation there, but the most important thing is we give glory and big thanks to God for His grace through our dancing. it is the video of our "GLADIRESIK" :)

Nostalgia.. it was one of our best moments in Spain. Muchas Gracias Senor for the beautiful experience. This was our dancing in Festival de las Cultural Loiola Spain:)
and then after 2 weeks we had Magis gathering and Magis experience, in M…

June 18 2012

Senin, 18 Juni 2012
Wah, lama sekali tidak menulis blog ini..haha mungkin kurang waktu :p Banyak sekali peristiwa indah yang aku alami tak dan bisa kutulis. Intinya, semua hidup kita itu adalah berkat. Jadi untuk setiap peristiwa yang terjadi dalam hidup kita, kita patut bersyukur pada Tuhan. Mungkin selama ini kita sering mengeluh atau menganggap beban hidup kita berat sekali, tapi nyatanya pasti kita bisa melewati semua itu. Tuhan mengajarkan kita untuk tidak mudah menyerah, karena hidup memang untuk berjuang.
Tak terasa sekarang saya sedang berada di liburan antara semester 4 menuju semester 5. Tapi saya mengambil kuliah SP dan magang di Pengadilan Pajak. Jadi liburan sesungguhnya nanti setelah saya menjalani SP dan magang ini. Semangat dan jangan mengeluh. Hidup ini adalah sebuah proses menuju cita-cita yang kita dambakan, jadi yang namanya males itu harus dibuang jauh2 hehe 
Hidup itu cepat sekali.Rasanya baru kemarin saya masuk kuliah sem 1 di Fakultas Hukum UI, rasanya baru kenal…