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Bantar Gebang, June 2012

I found this letter when I cleaned my house. 3 years ago, I wrote it, after I had the immersion experiment in Bantar Gebang Final Place of Garbage (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir Bantar Gebang). Our experiment was meaningful and unforgettable. We felt becoming a part of “pemulung” family. I do love our family there, Pak Denin and family. So, for me the money, and all of “world’s stuff” will be nothing if we do not "share" it to others.   
Here was my reflection, during those 4 days, imagining I wrote this letters to God.

Giving, sharing, even when we don’t have anything. That’s the purposes of our lives. 
Fighting the corrupt culture in the organization, held by Youth Proactive and Transparency International Indonesia May 15, 2015.
Mrs. Meuthia, sociolog from Universitas Indonesia (now she is one of Pansel KPK Srikandi) was a speaker at that day. Corruption in the office or the places where we work is becoming “usual”. The mechanism has been “arranged” systematically. Corruption happened due to the character or bad moral from individual which is from the organization itself. The higher position will give the bad action, the others will follow. So, the behaviour at the top level is absolutely important. They tend to be afraid if they don’t do what their boss is doing.
Mr. Ahmad Ramdani, lecturer at Bakrie University, HR practitioner from Omnividya. He told us to keep positive thinking as it is the best way for young generation, be part of the solution. When we will become “minority” in our society, what he means minority in this context is honest person. Honesty is “expensive” We hav…
Every March 8, we comemmorate this history day. Women are equal with men, in any aspect of life. For education, job, and for every access which they should get. I remember when I was in Norway for ISFIT, then one night in Cultural Day, the questions was about Women Day, and Karla, our friend from Peru answered this correctly, at the end we almost became a winner. Viva Ladies!
And how about in Indonesia? We marked this day as a special day for all of us, not only for women but also for all of Indonesian citizens. “Kartini Day”, April 21, National Women Day of Indonesia. This year, I and kak Tanty composed tweets on Sabang Merauke twitter. This is our reflection, representing Sabang Merauke (Seribu Anak Bangsa Merantau Untuk Kembali):
Setiap tanggal 21 April tentu kita ingat sosok pejuang perempuan, harapan akan kebangkitan perempuan Indonesia pd waktu silam. Ya, Kartini. Tiap tahun kita rayakan hari bersejarah ini, lagu utk mengenang Ibu Kartini kita lantunkan, perempuan Indonesia mera…

Indian Mission to ASEAN: Soft Opening and Inauguration

April 13
Soft Opening Indian Mission to ASEAN
Today is one of India's first event as to begin a new mission to ASEAN. We have prepared everything for this event. Sending and following up all of the invitations. Here is one of the news related to our event.

India is set to officially begin a diplomatic mission in the ASEAN region on April 22 in a bid to boost ties with member states of what it calls a unique grouping of countries with high economic potential.

Indian Ambassador to ASEAN Suresh K. Reddy said India’s relations with ASEAN were very important because of the current economic potential existing between his country and ASEAN.

He said India had a robust flow of investments into Southeast Asian nations and vice versa.

“Our trade is healthy,” he said on the sidelines of a soft opening of the Indian Mission to ASEAN held in Central Jakarta on Monday.

Suresh said the value of trade bet…